How To Put Up A Competitive Home Sale

People decide to sell their home for all types of reasons - a growing family, a hot property market, and changes in lifestyle or financial status, which are the most common. It's important to keep your motivation in mind always (as well as in your agent's mind) as you move through the process since it can significantly impact things like pricing and negotiations. Now that it's covered, here are four tips that will help you get the best and fastest offers on your home.

1Hire Agents To Do Market Research

An informed seller is a successful seller. But that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a formal market appraisal or hours doing research and gathering data - that's what a seller's agent is for. Select 2-3 reputable agents who specialize in your neighborhood and ask them to put together a comparative market analysis, which will take into consideration your home's attributes and recent sales data for similar homes. They should also factor your neighborhood, school systems, and growth into the equation; they should present it to you with a plan for how they would use that information to market your home.

2Find An Agent That's Right For You

Selecting several agents to perform the comparative market analysis is a great way to evaluate and pick the agent that's right for you. Even if there's very little difference between how the three reports look on paper (and there shouldn’t be), you’ll see differences between each agent. Notice the characteristics such as their responsiveness, level of detail, how they communicate, how aggressive their marketing strategies are, etc.

The attributes one seller might find attractive in an agent can be very different from what another seller is looking for. So it's critical to select the one that you can best communicate with and who understands you and your motivations very clearly. But it's important for you to be honest with each agent and let them know that you're providing them an opportunity to win your listing but that you're evaluating other agents as well.

3Get A House Inspection

Again, an informed seller is a successful seller, and a pre-sale inspection of your home will save you money and disappointment down the line. If you have a list of repairs before putting your home on the market, you can address the ones you have more cost-effectively and mitigate any surprises that might force you to make some concessions in your negotiations. Your inspector might also give you some vital information that could have an impact on how you price your home and other data that will enable you to be upfront with buyers about what you will and will not consider open for negotiation.

4Put Up A Competitive Price

It's no secret that Boston is a seller's market right now and that most homes are selling quickly for at, or over, asking price. The best way to drive up your sale price is to secure multiple offers, and the best way to do that is to price your home competitively. Nothing says “dud” to a buyer like a home that’s been on the market for more than 45 days, especially with homes moving as quickly as they are in Boston right now.

So while sentimentality and sweat equity might make you think your home is worth more than other similar homes, buyers won't see it that way. One good tip - set your price just under a whole number (for example, $679,000 vs. $680,000). It works in retail, and it works in real estate!

Many kinds of tips exist that will help you sell your home quickly - staging, decluttering, hiring a skilled photographer to get great listing photos. But the most important is partnering with an agent that has the right skillset and experience to get you good offers quickly. Happy selling!

Patricia Luna

Patricia Luna is a resident of McKinney, Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. Patricia is known within her circle of peers as the one to go to for real estate advice, which led her to go online and share her knowledge.